Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Singularity

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I do not know if you have heard of the Singularity, it is a book, concept, and university. It explores the moment that technology becomes conscious and rocks all of all humanity, more or less. 
For more on that check out the links at the bottom of this post! The reason I am talking about The Singularity is a recent STEM activity.  

I was fortunate to attend Singularity University Global Summit recently and it was amazing! I will have many future blog posts from this experience but a few highlights include:

Meeting incredible and diverse women in tech, seeing my field represented in many forms, interacting with the future first hand through roving robots, virtual reality, and stepping into a painting. 

Meeting and listening to Silicon Valley pioneers, connecting with fellow bloggers, seeing first hand the solutions to societal challenges that tech, innovative thinking, and hard work can usher in, and knowing that We all have the potential to positively impact a billion people. 

And I must say, the silent disco, food, and famous DJ were pretty fun too! I cannot imagine a more glamorous and brainy career.

 I will expand on all of the above and more in future posts! I encourage you to check out Singularity and attend an event yourself!

The singularity concept

The book

The University
mission is "to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity's grand challenges."

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Putting your best face forward

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I came across this link today and had to share.

Unfortunately it shows the saying that "perception is reality" a little more true than not. This blogger uploaded herself with and without makeup and assessed responses 

As you can see factors that have nothing to do with makeup such as intelligence, kindness, competence and more were all rated higher in the made up version of herself.

In a world where we are encouraged to "be yourself", it is challenging to be natural when that self may be negatively judged. While we are all subject to judging people, I'd like to think that a person who truly wants to connect will take time to know what is behind the surface, makeup or not. I admit I enjoy makeup from the art and science side and now I may even try a little harder on my outward self presentation in a setting where first impressions are crucial. Ultimately I think you should do what makes you most comfortable, sans make up or a fully made up face forward. There is no substitute for a warm smile, genuine care, and witty conversation, these, I believe are what make for the best impression.

Slug Fest

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I went hiking the other day and came across a pair of banana slugs, did you know these creatures eat a particular type of forest nutrient that helps the forest stay healthy? That's just bananas slug! Ok bad jokes aside, here is more about them (and a cool website!)


Where the night life never ends at PSO J318.5-22

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How cool is this poster?

What you don't see is that it discusses the concept of rogue planets. PSO J318.5-22, the planet stylized in this art, was discovered Oct 2013. If you ever felt like you are just free floating through time and space, you are not alone! You can learn more about rogue planets here

And for more on J318.5-22 here

Pretty exciting STEM! 


Intellectual Courage

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So the other day I was a judge for a good idea competition with Project Athena. It was really exciting to hear impactful ideas ranging from STEM literacy education to harnessing social media for improved employee hiring. There was a diversity of people, ways of being, and ideas, with the winning idea being the pitch for supporting diversity in NASCAR .

Jesse Iwuji a winner both on and off the race track, won for intellectual courage. You can learn more about him, his cars, outreach and more here:

I am glad we met and he said he'd be happy to be interviewed for this blog! What questions do you have? I would love to incorporate them into the future interview. 

In the meantime he serves as a great inspiration that you can accomplish personal and professional dreams. Have the courage to stand up and share your ideas- you just may be the next winner!


Perfect Timing

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Well I know it has been forever and I apologize. I think I have this tendency to wait until the settings are perfect to sit down and write but the thing is- the perfect time and place is right now. If I waited for something that may not even exist (perfection) I may miss out on the present, which is pretty great. So without further ado, I will start my blogs again. Hope you are well and this finds an audience. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Pi Day!

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Hope you enjoy some lovely Pi today!
For more on Pi check out
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