Sunday, April 13, 2014

Engineer girl

Hello World!
I think engineering is pretty cool, you get to solve problems, help the world, have fun... Engineers are in so many fields- from biomedical sciences to packaging, from space to sound and light, you name it, you can engineer it! Here is a cool new website I found it has lots of great resources. Have fun exploring! 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy STEM!

Hello World!
Are you happy? What is happiness, exactly? A great deal had been studied about what contributes to unhappiness, but the science of being happy is more recent and just as important! Here is a fun info graphic I found to share a little happy STEM 
Have a happy day!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi Day!

Hello World!
Happy Pi Day! 
Here are some great websites to help you celebrate 3.14, this "celebrity among mathematical constants" and all it's uses and implications

Time to go enjoy some Pi! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Photo STEM

Hello World!
I am much busier than usual this month and recovering from a very bad flu case, but I saw this article and had to share! It is about the female programmer of the nifty app Instagram (for photo filtering and more). She has a neat story to share about how she got there and what makes STEM so fun:

I leave you with my latest Instagram and look forward to blogging more next month

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Love Notes

Hello World!
I recently saw two things recently that made me reflect on love. One was a cartoon and another was one of my favorite sites. This cartoon is making reference to the capability and need for self love (in an ironic way)

                  (From yahoo comics)

The other, an organization for empowerment,   features many articles about finding your worth and not relying on others for approval (but not being narcissistic either). The one that caught my eye though was a love letter to herself that the founder of this organization writes each birthday. I pondered what I might write to myself and found it a little awkward, but also helpful. How easy is it to fault ourselves? How easy is it to want to be more? In writing a love letter, we look at strengths, things we appreciate, things we connect with, hopes as well as reality- turning that view toward me reminded me to keep smiling on those days that it is challenging and to better accept myself. I believe self acceptance can be cultural, with varying degrees but learning from others and applying something new is pretty powerful. You may wonder, but why write it down? There are quite a few studies that show writing things down can make them more concrete, easier to remember, easier to grasp, and more. See this article for more on that
And For a great article on the science (improving) your scientific writing, check out

Here is too affirming we have the "write stuff"!

Monday, February 17, 2014

On the feminine and the feminist

Hello World!
I hope you had a lovely Valentines. Mine was great! I have several posts worth of material that I am excited to share from my weekend. I will start with the feminine and the feminist. First, a litte background information. Diversity includes cultural heritage. Cultural heritage is the tangible and intangible elements of history, family, and culture- it can include a place or a building, such as the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul or a practice, such as having tea. A huge part of my cultural heritage is the practice of gift giving and celebrating holidays. Saint Valentines is my favorite and when anyone celebrates in the way that I do I feel especially grateful. (Likewise, when I celebrate in the fashion of others cultural heritage as they identify it, they are grateful!). Now that you know that history- on to the story! 

This Valentines I was given two gifts by the same person, a fantastic and encouraging book on girl power (the feminist) 

And this super cute (to me) dress (the feminine).

These two gifts at the same time and by the same person made me reflect with gratitude. I realized how meaningful it is to be supported in all my interests. It seems like we are told to choose one or another aspects of ourselves, as if one cannot coexist with the other. I believe that limits the fun and benefit to our diversity though, and it really isn't true. I would like to advocate for women while wearing what I find cute, and there is no reason I shouldn't! (Unless the attire is specific to a task and needed for safety or such, of course). These gifts made me grateful that I am not put in a box with associated stereotypes, but encouraged to just be. That to me, is true love. I hope you find someone special, be they friends, family, or mates who encourage you to be everything you want to be. As for me, I am proud to be a feminist wearing this frock!

Monday, February 10, 2014

STEM of Love

Hello World!
Happy Saint Valentines! Today is a day of love for many people. For me it is about all types of love, family and friends as well as romantic. Did you know that love is a field of study? One of my favorite books from school was a book titled "Psychologists who defied the crowd and won" ( and in this book was a chapter about Ellen Bersheid, one of the first love researchers. She was actually set to retire when a person took great offense to her studies and gave her the Golden Fleece award (which is a mock award for "useless" science). At the same time, the general public appreciated her research so much they begged her for more data and appreciated her insights. This launched her into a series of studies that showed her research was nothing to make a mockery of and highly useful. I admire that she persisted despite such a frustrating start. Love as a science is well established now and you can enjoy reading about it here 
or here
Or at this lab's page, where they discuss physiology and family relationships

Science shows that activities with adrenaline (sports or scary movies) or bonding (feel good movies) will increase your love potential (just don't whack the person with your elbow if you elect sports, as I once did!) whatever you do,
I hope you have a lovely day today, filled with oxytocin and other love elements :)