Thursday, July 17, 2014

Diversity in Fashion

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I saw this article and found it very inspiring. 
It discusses new ad campaigns featuring people who are differently abled. I think differently abled is a more accurate way of saying disabled, as people are still abled, just differently. In any case, I thought it was great to see all people being represented and wanted to share.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy Let Out Your Inner Geek Day @ Dumpling Nerds

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Happy let out your inner geek day!

I celebrated at Dumpling Nerds, my favorite Korean cafe.

While there, I learned that food must be sent to a special lab that will weigh and burn the food and then enter the pre post weights into a special formula in order for calories to be officially stated on foods.

I learned that you should not use cans of food that are dented or dropped because that can introduce bacteria and other harmful toxins to your food. If you open a canned good and it hisses (off gassing) you should discard it because it has been tainted.

I also ate their delicious dumplings. Now I will celebrate with Pi ;)

Happy Geek day!


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Science Museum 2 (STEM funnies)

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So I promised several entries on my visit to the science museum... Here are fun STEM jokes or play on words I learned while there;

And a sign of our new times! 


Social influence

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This article  is a reminder that we still have a long way to go in allowing all people to be what they are capable of being. Even to our own selves, we may create an image that reinforces the messages we hear or say. It is challenging to realize it when it happens, much like air that we do not see yet feel the effects of, micro messages are hard to detect but very powerful. Statements that introduce doubt, discourage, or diminish someone from their pursuits because of gender, ethnicity, etc must be banished. It is a lifelong journey to believe in ourselves and others perhaps, but it is one reason I blog and it is worth the difference I hope it makes. Here is supporting You, and me, in our STEM journeys! 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day at the Science Museum

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I spent a fun day at my local science museum learning new facts, exploring science (such as walking on Mars and playing a harp with no strings), I even bought cute space themed fashions! I have several posts worth of material but I wanted to start with a few inspirational displays I saw such as;

I really loved this quote by Jane Goodall because you can apply it to so many challenges in life, it is a great reminder that we must communicate. That is a skill to be developed and refined throughout life, sometimes it takes practice, other times it takes great courage and an open mind.

It is encouraging to see the people pictured above and hear their triumphs and tribulations. I look forward to sharing more of my science museum experience with you in the posts to follow!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

STEM Pride

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Did you know that famous and significant STEM professionals such as Alan Turing, Josephine Baker, and others were LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender)? It is true! Many important people are part of a minority group. It is important to share the history of all populations, both majority and minority. It is important because if we don't see what different groups contribute we might be tempted to believe that they didn't. This would be a shame for there are many contributions! From national security to mathematics to the lowest infant mortality worldwide, we can be grateful for the contributions of diverse people. To read more check out


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Coupon Class

Hello World!
The other day I went to a coupon class! You might think, "a class on coupons?" (I did) but it was really cool! It lasted several hours & I learned many things about coupons, including a little coupon STEM!
Here are some interesting things I learned:

- you may not think you have time to coupon but consider that a couple hours can save you $100, that is like getting paid  $50 an hour which isn't too bad. The class leader believed that saving is just as valuable as earning.
- to get the most from coupons, you should stack them, which means using a manufacture & store coupon together, when you do that when the item is on sale, you come out Way ahead on the savings.
- putting aside the money saved can pay for trips, bills, and more! It adds up to a significant amount every year.
-you can get manufacture & store coupons from fliers, newspapers, store ads & even by complementing the product manufacture directly! (For smaller companies). You can also trade coupons with friends (you give baby product coupons in your paper, they give you their pet product coupons).
- you can save yourself the effort of searching for the best deals by going to where they do the work for you!
- you can get up to 6 newspapers delivered to you to get the max coupons possible for most places. Place the coupon fliers in a folder divided by each week & when you need to make a purchase you will be ready with coupons!
- if you use a coupon on the free item of a but one get one free deal, you save on the one that isn't free! You can arrange your coupons so well that the store pays you for the item! Or transfers the savings to other products, making your bill lower (who knew?!)
- if you shop solely from coupons, they Will work for you! The instructor said that he replenishes his pantry & plans meals based on the sakes/coupons. 
-Stocking up is good (hoarding is not good), it allows you to get the stuff (dry goods that don't go bad) you always use cheaper! Who could argue with that?
-Do you get stuff you don't want with your deals? Save it for donation! One of the things I like about this group is that they deliver extra unwanted items to people in need. Did you know that coupons are used mostly by people in a high income bracket? The savings don't always reach those who need it most, so this group offers education classes to try to change that. 
- as you can see there is a lot more to coupons than meets the eye!

I hope this was helpful & you get a good deal on what you are looking for. Be sure to check out the couponers united site for more info, recipes, coupons & more!