Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rosie the Riveter

Hello World!
The other day (okay months ago) I got to meet Rosie the Riveter!

She spoke about riveting of course. In all honesty, I never knew much about this activity but it turns out it was crucial to the building of various aircraft. Each little dot you see on an aircraft is where the skin (the sheet metal) gets attached to the frame. Thousands and thousands of these rivets had to be completed by hand with special tools. It was pretty neat to see the demonstration.

Rosie also spoke about the impact on society that women had as well as the impact that riveting had on women.

Here are some great articles that introduce different aspects of Rosie, from the fact that many ethnicities were Rosie to the Rosie that still rivets today. The social impact of empowerment that occurred is pretty neat to learn about, and from. Enjoy!

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