Sunday, May 4, 2014

Red Carpets and Rocket Stars (part 1)

Hello World! 
I have returned from a glamorous evening walking down the red carpet and mingling with rocket stars, it was such a blast and so far out ;) 
Red carpet and the dreamy Saturn 5

I socialized with politicians, astronauts, and all types of people who support STEM, as we celebrated new astronaut hall of fame inductees and raised money for the next generation of star scientists, engineers, and allied supporters. 

STEM celebrity sightings included Charlie Bolden, Winston Scott, Kathy Thornton, inductee Shannon Lucid and more! To read their bios and amazing accomplishments check out

It was really cool to meet women who were pioneers, explorers, scientists, pilots, executive officers, and more, but also cool to hang out with male advocates and supporters, too. I believe we are all in this together-making one part of a system better has an influence on all parts of a system, be it a beautiful rocket, a fancy gala, or social relations. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to be in this crowd, doing my part for STEM, meeting other educators and leaders, learning about technology on the horizon, and honoring past STEM culture. It was inspiring and fun! And even fashionable! One astronaut auctioned off his special made tartan pattern tie, others wore the little black dress with star themed accessories, many sharp looking gowns and tuxes... I decided to go with my work suit, but it Was designed by Calvin Klien. From the red carpet to the rockets and the STEM stars, it was as glamorous as it gets! I will share specific new STEM program information I learned and other educational or inspirational items from the weekend in the next post. But I leave you with this quote and encourage You to dream big and reach for the stars :)

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