Saturday, August 2, 2014

I = mr^2 or the physics of ballet

Hello World!
I recently aquired these fabulous ballet flats (on sale!) for everyday street wear and it made me wonder about the physics of ballet shoes and ballet in general. I found this great website that applies and explains ballet moves in mathematical terms,
I encourage you to check it out as it was quite enjoyable to read. Each tab on the page explains a different element of ballet from the shoes to the graceful (and illusory!) leaps. 

 For even more details and some great references check out this website 

If you want to read about Yale professors who put the calculations in choreography check out 

And if you want to read even more, check out this student paper or this book (available on Amazon)

As for me I think it is time to practice rotational inertia. 
Happy STEM dancing! 

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