Friday, October 31, 2014

The Club

Hello World!
I hope you are having a frightfully good day (feel free to read a past post in the science of scary). I am writing today to share about something one can do when you are new in town and feeling uncertain, and that is find a supportive interest group! I did just such a search and found the club, a women's technology leader group and I attended one of their events. It was fantastic! I met diverse women who were all nice, welcoming, and supportive. It is important, whatever you do, to have a network of people to rely on, and it always amazes me how much more a person can grow and accomplish with a group! At this meeting they had the VP from Pandora (the music service) and she spoke of the need to be curious and face your fears when pursuing your passion. She also talked about an "itty bitty committee" that rests on your shoulders telling you negative things that keep you from your full potential. It is necessary to quiet these voices and we do this by addressing the doubts (asking questions, answering what if, etc) and letting our curiosity take over (there will be no room for fear)! I really enjoyed her talk, it was genuine and real and fun to listen to. She owned her talents and imperfections and did not let doubt or the like keep her from her dreams. I also heard from a different speaker who discussed the fear and lack of opportunity of being around other women, only to discover what a powerful force such groups can be. So on this day known as Halloween to many, traditionally associated with fright, I encourage you to find Your group, and have a hauntingly good night!

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