Thursday, June 11, 2015

The tech

Hello World,
Some time ago I went to the tech museum of innovation.
(That's me saying hi)

Here are two of many inspirational people featured in the exhibits:

What I love about Dr. Jemison is the diversity of her passions and pursuits and the belief (& demonstration!) that space is for everyone. I think no matter ones career, we are all tied to the skies, the seas, and beyond. It is exciting to know there is a place for me in these subjects!

What I love about Caryn Johnson is the connection of both art And science. I personally feel both are needed and important and it is inspiring to me to see someone achieve both so seamlessly. 
Both these women remind me not to forget my other interests and to pursuit my passions. One of those is advocacy, and so I continue this blog in hopes you find it inspiring too.

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