Monday, April 24, 2017

astronauts and actresses

Hello World!
What do the two careers in the post title have in common? They are both women! I went to an event the other day where I got to hang out with my astronaut colleague Dr. Cagle to support her really amazing outreach for STEM and while I was there, I met the super cool actress from Hidden Figures, Karan Kendrick!

Karan Kendrick | Check Out the Celebrity Arrivals at The Hunger Games ...

I encourage you to check out her site and girls empowerment tour (and awesome t-shirt and other swag that supports women in STEM)

In a later talk by Dr. Cagle, I learned how she came to be on stage at the 2017 Oscars with the entire cast and the original Hidden Figures. She shared that every journey starts with a dream and a step, and every step gets you closer to a goal, though you don't always know it at the time. Both ladies shared the importance of working smart, positive attitude, and going for your passion- no matter what anyone says. I am inspired, and know that I must make the time to blog more, and dream more.  I don't know that I will ever be on an Oscar stage, but I am inspired to dream Big and dream STEM! What's your dream?

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