Sunday, January 5, 2014

STEM Resolutions

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How are your New Years Resolutions going? Perhaps you were not sure what you wanted to resolve.... 
I can give you some ideas, one idea is to support STEM, another is taken from a neat website I found. Let's get started.... How can you support STEM? There are so many ways!! But here are my top 5 for a List of STEM resolutions:

1. Support your local STEM council or STEM advocate groups: financially, with time, your voice, or with your talents. The lead person in my council is a politician and a great STEM advocate. Even if you don't have traditional STEM skills you still have something to offer STEM!

2. Be mindful of what you say to people: simple words can have a huge impact. When you say "I hate math" or "wouldn't you rather play sports?" to kids interested in STEM you may be discouraging or shut them down without realizing it. Conversely, simple words can go a very long way. I remember exactly key moments from my younger days that led me to where I am today.

3. If you do have STEM talents or literacy, share them!! You can attend a local school's career day, tutor kids who need help, write STEM lessons, support a STEM activity or lead a STEM team, mentor a student, teach parents, assist teachers, and more! Whether you have 5 minutes or 50 years, you can give to STEM in a way that meets your needs.

4. Take a class! There is always something STEM and fun to learn. From sea turtle biology to astronaut for a day to candy making- make your next date night or family outing STEM related!

5. Vote for STEM! Be sure to support pro STEM legislation. Policy can have a big impact and it will be implemented only with your support. Tell everyone you know how important STEM is and check out your local, state, national, and international political institutions for STEM related actions to support.

For those who are STEM professionals I found this neat link on resolutions

Remember, it is never to late to begin your resolutions! I hope your New Year is well and your resolve stays steady.


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