Saturday, February 1, 2014

Beauty and the Brain

Hello World!
The other day I saw this post about TV show actress Mayim Bialik, she, both a neuroscientist and actress, is noting the media's perpetuation that beauty and brains are somehow incapable of coexistence. I agree that such a notion is ridiculous. It is So important to be mindful of the messages we are given and the biases we have or recieve. For example, while researching a different post on women physicists I found a news article that featured a brilliant woman, but she was depicted in such a disrespectful way- from her picture to her quotes- it was appalling. I continued searching and found many more instances of her (in pictures and interviews) as what I believe to be closer to the truth- a remarkable woman in many ways. I believe not only are there tons of smart And beautiful people out there but I also believe intelligence is a beautiful feature in itself. There are many ways to be beautiful, from a smile to a kind heart, to the diverse array of physical features one could have- we miss out when we reduce ourselves to only one identifier (such as smart or beautiful, athletic or intelligent), I say let's recognize ourselves for everything we are or want to be. (Globe trotting fashionable humanitarian scientist extraordinaire? Why not?!). And let us see the plurality in others...we never know what commonalities or new things we will discover, in ourselves and others! 

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