Monday, February 17, 2014

On the feminine and the feminist

Hello World!
I hope you had a lovely Valentines. Mine was great! I have several posts worth of material that I am excited to share from my weekend. I will start with the feminine and the feminist. First, a litte background information. Diversity includes cultural heritage. Cultural heritage is the tangible and intangible elements of history, family, and culture- it can include a place or a building, such as the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul or a practice, such as having tea. A huge part of my cultural heritage is the practice of gift giving and celebrating holidays. Saint Valentines is my favorite and when anyone celebrates in the way that I do I feel especially grateful. (Likewise, when I celebrate in the fashion of others cultural heritage as they identify it, they are grateful!). Now that you know that history- on to the story! 

This Valentines I was given two gifts by the same person, a fantastic and encouraging book on girl power (the feminist) 

And this super cute (to me) dress (the feminine).

These two gifts at the same time and by the same person made me reflect with gratitude. I realized how meaningful it is to be supported in all my interests. It seems like we are told to choose one or another aspects of ourselves, as if one cannot coexist with the other. I believe that limits the fun and benefit to our diversity though, and it really isn't true. I would like to advocate for women while wearing what I find cute, and there is no reason I shouldn't! (Unless the attire is specific to a task and needed for safety or such, of course). These gifts made me grateful that I am not put in a box with associated stereotypes, but encouraged to just be. That to me, is true love. I hope you find someone special, be they friends, family, or mates who encourage you to be everything you want to be. As for me, I am proud to be a feminist wearing this frock!

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