Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hurray for GoldieBlox!

Hello World!
I was so pleased to see this article
A female engineer has put together kits that encourage girls to build, design, and engineer their way through a story with GoldieBlox, the main character. This kit will be sold in major toy stores. This product is very important because socially girls do not grow up tinkering with engines or building things, which inhibits spatial skills needed in many STEM careers. Now girls can obtain those skills in a manner that speaks to them! Plus, not everyone has old cars or lives in a space that will allow for such tinkering. (For girls who did not get spatial skill development, there are training programs that will help you catch up (see prior post or AAUW report why so few?)).

GoldiBlox inventor Debbie Sterling. Picture from MSN news article and GoldieBlox
I didn't grow up looking at engines, but I do remember watching and helping my dad build barns, sheds, and all manner of things. I also remember trying to play with my brothers electronic set too (it was a boring gray color). I like that she based her product on research and watched the difference in play between boys and girls. She found a way to merge differences in styles and I appreciate that she doesn't just paint it pink, nor take away from "being a girl". I hope her future products feature characters that represent women from all cultures and stories. In any case, pretty awesome that you can be a women, an engineer, an entrepreneur, and a major positive social change agent! Love this!

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  1. That's a great toy. I did play with Legos a lot when I was a girl, but robot kits and things like that were not "cool" for girls. I barely got away with the Legos...! Glad things are changing.