Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Miss Representation

Hello World,
I had the joy of hanging out with a diverse group of ladies the other day for a film screening of Miss Representation. This documentary highlights how the media portrays people, primarily women in very unrealistic ways. A model for example was not only airbrushed but also altered to have physical dimensions that don't exist! The social messages as well, are influential- does your environment tell you are strong, smart, beautiful, just as you are? Probably not. Teenage girls in particular are susceptible to negative messages in the media, according to studies cited in the film. Boys also may have expectations that do not match reality. When you see a woman in the news, do you pay more attention to what she says or what she looks like? That is just one way we can make a difference, by noting how we act and modifying to support each other. We can also send a message with the products we buy and ads we respond to (purchasing power is in our hands statistically!). To learn more or host your own screening, check out

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