Thursday, December 19, 2013

Well Heeled International STEM

Hello World,
This season you may be stepping out to STEM events in style but what will you wear? Have you ever wondered where your clothes come from? Or how? Or what heels do to your feet? How about these lovely shoes? 

I have a thing for functional art and design, but just how functional are these?

Here are a few articles to learn more about the physics of wearing high heels.

Basic Intro…-high-heels

A more STEM based article
Here is a cool blog from "the science babe" with more information on STEM and fashion from a cool woman in STEM

And just where did the shoes I found so cute come from? Were they made ethically? If you have you ever wondered where your t-shirt came from, I recommend you read this fantastic book by a great woman in economics. 

It describes the process- start-from Texas cotton-to finish- the freecycled markets in several countries on the African continent. You will truly see how STEM, fashion, and international relations all come together.  As far as why we might choose fashion over function or vice versa- that is another post.

Whatever your style, Have a fashionably international STEM day!

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