Saturday, April 26, 2014

A fantastic day of STEM!

Hello World!
How are you? I have to admit I am pretty excited. Yesterday I spoke at the University of Central Florida engineering forum, it was great to hear about other STEM programs and successes and fun to share my story and knowledge. There were several personal highlights though, the first was that a women came up after I spoke and told me that Stylish STEM had helped her girls after school science club and that she had more girls in it than last year, yay! It made my day and reminded me that we don't always know the positive impact we have. I also got invited to speak at another conference, which is encouraging. I have been attending my local toastmasters international club (to improve public speaking) I guess it worked! It reminds me to keep trying, improving, and not give up. If you want to work on your public speaking, you can find a club near you through this link
Lastly, I received a thank you token, I have blogged before about gifts being a part of my culture, I appreciate the little things, they just make life fun!

 I am grateful that STEM is an avenue I was and continue to be encouraged to pursue, I hope you will find the fun in STEM too! 

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