Friday, May 23, 2014

Meteor Shower!

Hello World!
Tonight begins a meteor shower!

If you decide to check out this starry night, be sure to let your eyes adapt to the dark for at least 20 minutes, it will appear as if there are more stars then when you first looked up at the sky, but in reality it is a phenomenon known as adaptation! Your visual systems "switches" from its less sensitive color broadband to the more sensitive luminance channel, for more on that check out this fun link

Or this on line text book

Why should you eat tonight's falling stars? Because they are "meteor" (meatier), :) a joke created by my dad, brought to you by me, in all seriousness, please enjoy the night sky and the beauty of many falling stars, if I make any wishes, it will be for world peace and STEM for all who desire it. 

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