Sunday, August 10, 2014

A piece of Pie chart please

Hello World!
I was sent this hilarious image and it led me to wonder about the history of the pie chart...
...And find this great article 
The article states that pie charts were invented in 1801 by William Playfair, a Scottish engineer and they were adapted by Florence Nightingale (a statistician as well as a nurse, read more here to pursuade people for her cause. I think that is one of the great examples of the value of diversity and different perspectives, people can build and grow and perfect their ideas off each other, or look at old concepts in new ways. 

Data and it's visualization are very important, but where can you go to learn more about info graphics, data visualization and other new tools to accomplish the telling of your data story? Here is one link I found to a free course

I also found other cool resources shared by this cool women's tech blog here

In the above article you can read about the language R, courses, groups that meet up to learn about stats tech, weather and it's visual representation and more. Be sure to check it out!

What started off as something funny has led me to the very serious, and that is the value and importance of visualizing your data and being open to diversity, for life or work.

Hope you enjoyed the pie chart! I am sure it was a tasty byte ;)


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