Friday, January 30, 2015

Space puppy love

Hello World! 
I love this pic found on

Of course it as adorable and a great picture, but what I love most is how human and relatable the picture is. It is neat to see the reality of this astronaut's life and interests. I know my pets are not confined to perfect poses or scripted perfection, but I love them anyway and it is clear there is puppy love in this picture :) it also reminds me that this gentlemen and I have more in common then I knew! I think it is easy to idolize astronauts and tech geniuses and find (myself anyway) as not measuring up, but in reality, we are all capable of amazing accomplishments and leading lives of positive influence, on each other, on our universe, and in our immediate surroundings. I am reminded of the hard work it takes to get there, and the sense of humor I need to keep along the way :)

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