Friday, October 23, 2015

Hartnell College HerScript and more

Hello World!
Yesterday I was So excited to have been a guest speaker at Hartnell College for two of their STEM programs, MESA and HerScript. It was so fun to share my life lessons in STEM, talk about problems to be solved and learn about the amazing things these students are doing. I was truly in awe! 

One example of the student efforts is HerScript, a computer science organization they founded.

I also learned about a LinkedIn equivalent for women in tech, which was neat. Check out

And while my reward comes from giving back and the inspiration I get from students, I was gifted all this cool swag as a thank you, I just love STEM swag :)

I also encourage you to check out a MESA program near you, I know I would not be a STEM professional today if it were not for programs like these! 

It was interesting to hear the diverse student stories and know that whether you love art or math, the path may wander but it will take you to the place you are meant to be. I am grateful to share my journey with you and hope to be part of yours!


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