Saturday, August 27, 2016

Putting your best face forward

Hello World!
I came across this link today and had to share.

Unfortunately it shows the saying that "perception is reality" a little more true than not. This blogger uploaded herself with and without makeup and assessed responses 

As you can see factors that have nothing to do with makeup such as intelligence, kindness, competence and more were all rated higher in the made up version of herself.

In a world where we are encouraged to "be yourself", it is challenging to be natural when that self may be negatively judged. While we are all subject to judging people, I'd like to think that a person who truly wants to connect will take time to know what is behind the surface, makeup or not. I admit I enjoy makeup from the art and science side and now I may even try a little harder on my outward self presentation in a setting where first impressions are crucial. Ultimately I think you should do what makes you most comfortable, sans make up or a fully made up face forward. There is no substitute for a warm smile, genuine care, and witty conversation, these, I believe are what make for the best impression.

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