Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hidden Figures

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I just saw the movie, Hidden Figures and I have to say, it is no exaggeration that NASA owes its space prowess thanks to African American Women Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson . The movie makes me truly proud of their individual achievement, the accomplishments of women, and the accomplishments of African Americans. I believe we are all connected and we share successes. We also share pasts, presents, and futures. I am saddened by history and how they were treated. I am saddened by the reality of how many people are still treated so poorly today. History is reality though and being sad cannot change that. It also will not change the present or future. It is crucial to let ourselves see history as it happened, to see our part in its continuation however unintended. It is important to  know that each and every one of us has the opportunity to positively influence another life, and even many lives. I do not want to spoil the movie, but I think the take away is, that we must use our talents (even in the face of adversity), that we have a responsibility to bring others up and invest in treating everyone (to include ourselves) with dignity and respect, and that the future Demands diversity!

You MUST see this movie! And/Or read the book!

In addition to seeing the movie, you can check out  resources such as

Why should you check out these links? Because it is important to normalize the pictures in our mind to include all people. So much of the messaging we've received does not include women, minorities, and marginalized people. To move forward, we must be able to contradict negative messages that society has imparted over many ages. How to do this? We must learn and be exposed, and more importantly be active. It is not enough to watch the movie, that is a great start, but action is still required. Next comes making a point to share, to inspire, to bring people to the table who do not look like you, providing resources to further these efforts, and to see and encourage the diversity and capability in all of us.

Our work is far from done, but is exciting how far (to the moon and beyond!) it can take us when we try.

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  1. i heard a lot of the movie "hidden figures". i searched google for its reviews too but they didn't seen authentic. when i read this review it actually explained the plot for the story.