Friday, April 26, 2013

Dive! Dive! Underwater Robots

Hello World,
Today I had the fun of speaking about STEM and learning about a cool program called SeaPerch. This program is deep. Literally. ;) This nifty program teaches you how to build an underwater robot, and then you actually get to do it! Here is more information about SeaPerch Here are some pictures I took of local teachers learning how to soder a SeaPerch.

Why should you build an underwater robot? Think of all the possibilities! Cleaning up the ocean floor, exploring the unknown, transportation to an underwater hotel... the possibilities are endless!  
You can spend the night underwater here or here
You can see the application of robotic fish for the environment here or for spying here (I will never look at catfish the same again!)
I haven't slept underwater and I am not a spy, but I sure have enjoyed diving, snorkeling, and contributing to conservation of the environment. It would be even cooler to create an underwater robot! If you made an underwater robot- what would you use it for?
Under the sea in Mexico

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