Sunday, April 28, 2013

Starry Starry Night, Starry Starry Nails

Hello World!
The night sky is a beautiful and mysterious thing, filled with shiny sparkly stars, planets, and the key to our place in the universe. I hope you have the chance to look up at the stars tonight, because tonight is special, Saturn will be at optimal viewing! Even if you can't check out Saturn tonight, I encourage you to check out your local planetarium to use their telescope and facilities. Not sure where the closest planetarium is? Use this handy resource to find one, wherever you are in the universe!
Image from I love science facebook post
After you are done checking out the stars, you can take them with you everywhere you go! With these super fabulous nails! I just LOVE these nails, and the Milky Way galaxy, because it is home to our planet Earth, and it is pretty.
Picture from The Upper Cut Salon Blog
There are still many mysteries to be solved in our galaxy (not so far away). The best part is that YOU can help solve them! Right now! If you like "where's waldo" type activities, want to learn new skills,  boost your resume, or contribute to society, or stargaze during the day- go to and become a volunteer! Or at least check out their amazing images.
If you'd rather Read about the galaxy, check out astrophysicist and writer Janna Levin's website and books You can check out her books, podcasts, theories and more!
Image from Janna Levin website
Remember, you are a star, setting your own desitiny, as they say, if you shoot for the moon and fail, at least you'll end up amongst the stars! Sounds good to me :)


  1. Love the nails! I saw a Youtube tutorial on similar ones awhile back but never tried it out.

  2. Cool! I thought they were... far out ;) (couldn't resist!)