Saturday, April 27, 2013

What is Style? And What's it got to do with STEM?

Hello World,
I admit it, I like fashion. I don't mean following the latest brands, celebrities, or trends, but I do like the use of cloth as an art form, an expression, and a canvass. I especially love all things functional and pretty. Functional art is engineering at its finest, it is the ability to be both beautiful and useful. Certain cars, aircraft, furniture, shoes, you name it! Anything can be designed this way, and you are the owner of what is useful and beautiful to YOU! That is what style is for me, following your own sense of creative enjoyment. I can be stylish in sweatpants or a summer dress, I think!
Drawing by Katie Svec
What's style got to do with STEM? Plenty! The design, production, and manufacture of everything starts with numbers. Whether you need to determine the average foot size, the amount of shading needed to make a face drawing have depth, or which color looks best with your unique skin- industry professionals rely on STEM while humans unconsciously use it to make decisions! That is another thing I love about STEM- it is in EVERYthing we do! Even style, which you can see here :)

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