Monday, May 13, 2013


Hello World,
I am going on a trip (a STEM perk) so I've had to pack my bags. That leads me to the fun field of package science and packaging engineering! Packing is fun I think, like a giant 3D puzzle! Except you can do a lot more. I know someone who packaged the electronics for space.

They had to fit in a tiny space withstand extreme heat & cold, and still perform. Pretty neat! Packages relate to food too, do you think about the last thing you ate- where it came from & how it got there? Package engineers consider a wide range of factors for travel, storage, and more- from art to food to the every day to the far out- package engineers make it happen!
I hope you will think about the fun field of packaging :) Despite the many advances made- I don't think my cat will fit in my bag...

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