Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's in a Face? Lots of STEM!

What's in a face? How about this face?  

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From Youtube

This famous face is just a mask, yet it is a powerful reminder of the power that our knowledge and beliefs have on us. For your life, you have a particular exposure to faces. This visual input shapes your knowledge and expectations over time to the point that, even in the face of contrary physical stimuli, you will see what you expect, you will see what you have grown to understand as normal. In this case, the visual system does not see inverted faces, and in the presence of one, reverts to its knowledge of faces with their noses pushed out. Pretty amazing huh?! What's More amazing is that by understanding the visual system we can predict how people will respond to each other, how to increase teamwork, how to make better movies, and more!

Vision science is so fun!
Check out this link if you want to explore it more (it is one of my favorite sites!)

Here's a fun little video parody on being a vision science student in graduate school. 
Video from Youtube

If you have any questions about vision science, let me know! (You can e-mail or put it in the comments).

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