Sunday, May 5, 2013

What is Diversity? Why do I love it? Why is it important to STEM?

Hello World!
I want to talk about diversity! Diversity is the attributes we have, both inside and out, inherited and learned, often incorrectly assumed. Diversity is our gender, ethnicity, faith, culture, how we grew up, where we grew up, and more. Diversity is perspectives, experiences, and different ways of seeing the world that is unique to each one of us and our lives. Why do I love diversity? It is like music! Can you imagine the same tune played over and over and over. Boring right? 

Add in other keys, other sounds, other instruments and music is made! Diversity is a melody, we are each an instrument, a tune. We keep our individual characteristics, but when added together, something even more beautiful is made. Inclusion is essential to this melody- to harmony and synthesizing sound. It isn't enough to have other instruments; we must be allowed to sing loud and clear, to resonate our unique voices. If we are hampered, the music doesn't sound as good. I love music, I love all music and diversity is no different, it is a joy! To hear, to see, to experience, to be. 

So now you know what diversity is and why I love it, what does it have to do with STEM? Check back tomorrow for part two to find out! ;)

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