Tuesday, April 30, 2013

STEM can unleash the power of positive social change around the world and in your backyard

Hello World,
Did you know that STEM isn't just about math and science? It is about creating and utilizing tools and technology to spark positive social change! It has that power! Take for example Hollaback, ( this is a non profit and a movement co-founded by Emily May. It uses Math to determine that 70-99% of women experience harassment while walking on the street.It uses Technology to provide a means for on-line collective storytelling, to raise awareness, and more. It uses Science to determine that women benefit from the opportunity to share these stories, learn that they are not alone, and that this fuels them into a collective voice for positive social change!
Image from Take Back the Tech

Take Back the Tech is another program that relies on STEM. This program is information technology based and motivates a global network of women to work together to ensure safe on-line spaces for women and girls. When someone asks, what did you do for work or at school today? You can say- I made the world safer! I brought awareness to my community! I made a difference in the life of another! All thanks to STEM. 
So what positive social change do you want to start? What STEM areas do you need to learn to do it? 
I want everyone to feel free to learn and love science! So that's why I blog (figuring it out as I go). 
What will you do? I can't wait to see :)

Image from Take Back the Tech

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