Friday, May 10, 2013

Fashionable Friday! Tech fashion afoot

Hello World!
I have declared it fashionable Friday. Today's stylish STEM topic involves technology and fashion. Have you ever wanted to add a little extra pizzazz to your wardrobe?  Shoes that glow perhaps? 

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You are in luck! At can learn about basic electronics, materials, sewing, soft circuits, and more! You can make your own flowery glowing shoes, GPS jackets, high tech jewelry  or learn how others have fashioned items that are pretty, functional, and challenge social convention such as this prosthetic. The site is filled with interviews of sustainable designers and other fun stuff too. 
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Science, fashion, and making the world a better place- that is my vision of Stylish STEM!

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  1. I love the shoes! Sadly, I'd trip in the high heels. I'll see if I can make glowing Birkenstocks!