Friday, May 3, 2013

No limits to STEM Stardom!

Hello World!
Have you ever dreamed of being both a movie star and a scientist but you can't decide which? No Problem! Sylvia has the answer, she is the 11 year old star of her own science show! Pretty cool I think, pretty cool. Here she is, showing you how to make your own lava lamp!

From Sylviashow website

But she has lots of other cool things she makes too. You can visit her website here  or read about what others have said here She has lots of resources and fun free activities to try, from fashion to rockets! There is no limit to where your imagination and some hard work can take you, no matter your gender, age, situation, or more! :) In the show of life, there is room for all of us to be a leading lady :) And that's a wrap!

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