Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lemurs Love Math

Hello World!
Did you know that lemurs love math? It is true! They are pretty good at crunching numbers and heaps of fun to be around. ( for more on that or this link for a nice lemur math worksheet 

I had the fun of hanging out with them at a wildlife conservation ranch where I learned (from our female guide) that camels don't store water in their humps, that zebras stripes keep flies away, and other fun facts.
 If you want to obtain cool educational materials or learn how to observe lemur behavior in the wild check out
You don't have to go to their native home of Madagascar, you can go to Florida and actually camp out under the stars to lemur watch! Maybe you will be the next Jane Goodall ( for more on her, or this nice post about a young women who studied lemurs and found a female dominant social structure. She currently is looking at monkey math
There are so many fun ways to study STEM! No more monkeying around, I will leave you with some lemurs to look at :)


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