Sunday, February 23, 2014

Love Notes

Hello World!
I recently saw two things recently that made me reflect on love. One was a cartoon and another was one of my favorite sites. This cartoon is making reference to the capability and need for self love (in an ironic way)

                  (From yahoo comics)

The other, an organization for empowerment,   features many articles about finding your worth and not relying on others for approval (but not being narcissistic either). The one that caught my eye though was a love letter to herself that the founder of this organization writes each birthday. I pondered what I might write to myself and found it a little awkward, but also helpful. How easy is it to fault ourselves? How easy is it to want to be more? In writing a love letter, we look at strengths, things we appreciate, things we connect with, hopes as well as reality- turning that view toward me reminded me to keep smiling on those days that it is challenging and to better accept myself. I believe self acceptance can be cultural, with varying degrees but learning from others and applying something new is pretty powerful. You may wonder, but why write it down? There are quite a few studies that show writing things down can make them more concrete, easier to remember, easier to grasp, and more. See this article for more on that
And For a great article on the science (improving) your scientific writing, check out

Here is too affirming we have the "write stuff"!

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