Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nonprofit STEM

Hello World, 
I had the joy of supporting one of my friends as she launched her nonprofit the other night.

Here nonprofit is all about mentoring and providing skills (emotionally & mentally) to kids in need. I believe it is so important to give Everyone access to life skills. I know I would not be where I am today without mentors! To me it like a ripple effect, one small drop can influence an entire body of water, likewise enhancing one kid's skills can impact everyone in their community. I was also struck by the STEM that she used in her launch speech. Statistics, facts, projections, trends, and more! We cannot avoid STEM no matter what we do, we must be literate in it. As a tool or a lifestyle, STEM drives decisions and behaviors, and it is fun! If you are interested in helping out or enrolling your kids, please check out
A little support can go a long way, in all areas of life, but especially STEM and diversity.

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